Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rudy the Horse, or how I almost spent my lunch hour . . .

The Mounted Police were out today at Daley Plaza. I don't know why, and frankly I don't care. Maybe there was some mobster going on trial who was deathly afraid of horses and this was the CPD's joke. Maybe it was because the day promises to be fine, and they wanted the guys to get some exercise. Doesn't matter; I almost spent my lunch break standing and petting and talking to them. The horses, of course; I forgot to get the officers' names! D'oh!

This one was Rudy. I had always been told that police horses had numbers rather than names, but trust the stable I used to work for to get that wrong too. He was just beautiful, with eyelashes that would make any girl envious! A woman standing nearby saw me taking pictures, and offered to take one of me standing with the horse. Big mistake! I quickly forgot the camera was there, sucked into those big brown eyes, and I ended up with a picture that looks like I'm about to do a faith-healing, or something;)

There were two horses out, but Rudy was the one I communed with. I'm sure the officers enjoyed not having anyone yelling at them or shooting at them, or just telling them they weren't doing a good enough job; for today, they were simply the guardians of everyone's favorite members of the force;)

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