Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts about the Gaia costume . . .

As April marches inexoriably toward May (I got three months for the price of two there), I am starting to think rather more seriously about my new Fantastickal look. The character's rough sketch is a Mother Earth type, and after taking several variables into consideration (ie: what looks good on my body, what goes well with the other members of the troupe, what would I like to see myself in), I did a preliminary sketch for a possible design. Then, I started looking around.

Almost immediately, I found a few amazing elements I had to grab:

Sav-on-crafts sells some of my favorite silk greenery, and these hops are amazing. I found this as well:

Then, I realized where my thoughts were inevitably taking me:

I started to think of her like a Mucha painting of Summer, covered in leaves and the bounty of the season. It was important to me to stay away from flowers as well, since we already have a lovely Flower Faery;)

Finally, I was surfing around and I found an incredible dancewear company, Watercolor Dancewear, that hand-dyes all its dresses and skirts! Ombre and dip-dye! Squeeee!

The one on the left makes me think of a flowering cabbage:

I spoke with the company, and they would be willing to custom-dye a dress in whatever color combinations I need. Squeeeeeee!!!

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?
I can't wait to get started . . . .


SWIRL said...

I found your site- through another site-- that i've forgotten about.. but I've fallen in love.. what beautiful costumes.. and gorgeous red hair you have! I am such a red-head wanna be!

Grabbed a button for my blog..

Ginger said...