Thursday, May 21, 2009

Decorating Daydreams . . .

Source: West Elm

In a little while, I'll be heading out on my own for the first time. Though I've always prided myself on being independent, I actually haven't been, and at my age it's time I started. I have always despised reliance, so it will be exhilerating (and terrifying!) to finally be on my own.

I also read a lot of design blogs (see the evidence to the left, in my blogroll); interior design is something I love tinkering with. When my sister and I finally moved into a two-bedroom and I graduated from sleeping in the livingroom to having a door that closed (gasp!), I was super-excited that I got to decorate it. One tax-return and several trips to IKEA and Target later, and I had a bedroom that makes me feel at home, my sanctum sanctorum, if you will. But, before I know it, I will have the task of decorating not just a new bedroom, but a livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc, and I'll be starting with essentially a clean-slate. What fun! So, I'm starting to collect inspiration . . .

Source: IKEA 2009 Catalog

I love IKEA. Yes, many of their products are rather poorly made, but the design aesthetic is so clean and fresh, and the price is so right. I especially love all the storage in this dining room; I can foresee needing a LOT of shelving in my new place . . .

This just makes me happy. Moving to California isn't just about geography, there's a whole lifestyle change involved. If I could get away with it, I'd decorate in white, blue, and brown everywhere.

Source: IKEA 2009 Catalog

I'm a sucker for a punch of color; the orange, black, and white color scheme here is so fabulous, and as I'm likely to have this small of a kitchen, I like seeing good examples of how to do it right;)

Source: IKEA 2009 Catalog

Again with the shelves. I literally have more books than anything else (well, maybe fabric and trim is a close second), and I will need serious shelvage when I move out. I love the little cubby-feel to these units.

I'm sure I'll post again as the months roll by and I see things that I love that inspire me and give me ideas for what will, esentially, be my first home. I'll keep you posted!

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