Thursday, May 21, 2009

Favorite Product Thursdays!

I know there aren't a huge number of people reading this blog (yet), but I figured, as a rabid consumer, I might have tried a few things you haven't yet. You can ignore my recommendations of course, or tell me I'm crazy (I am, by the way). These are just my opinions on cool, interesting, or useful things I've discovered.

My first Product Fave is from Victoria's Secret's new Parfums Intimes line of fragrances, and my favorite, by far, is Lace. A hint of orange blossom, just sweet enough to leave an impression, but not so sweet that you feel wrapped up in a bush. It's light and fresh and lovely, just the right combination as Spring turns into Summer;)

* Victoria's Secret is also having their Semi-Annual Sale right now, FYI! Time to stock up . . .

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