Monday, May 18, 2009

Naperville 2009!

For yet another year, Naper Settlment's Civil War Days was a rousing success. We came, we saw, we partied like it was 1863.

We had several additions to our party this year: Karen brought her lovely new husband William, and they portrayed the Reverand Daniel Livermore and his wife Mary, who was apparently a famous female newspaper reporter during the Civil War.

Molly was another lovely addition; she portrayed Amelia Strauss, sister to the Kaufmanns, whose husband had recently enlisted and so her brothers brought her back home to Naperville to look after her.

Kathy (Flossie) returned in a lovely new dress! She and Margaret each had new threads, as did most of the ladies present;)

Tabitha brought her boyfriend, Ansel, and he portrayed James King Gracie, fiance to her Anna Bulloch.

The Dawsons and the Gallas joined us once again this year, and the boys took a little time out on Saturday to play some poker (scandalous!) I don't know who won, but they all looked pretty fabulous playing;)

Overseeing it all, of course, were the Barretts (Kaufmanns). I will always be grateful they have chosen to include me in this event every year; they are the brothers I never had.

Saturday evening included a formal dinner to celebrate the recent marriages in our midst, of the Dawsons and the Dezomas. We all got dressed up and enjoyed dinner and cake;)

As usual, there was a battle to enjoy both days. Don't worry; the North carried it on Sunday!

I finished the long, exhausting and wonderful weekend sitting outside the petting zoo, watching the goats and llama and chickens and just enjoying the sunshine.

Of course, it wouldn't be Naperville without at least one crazy picture of Brian;)

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Plush Palate said...

I live in Chicago, too! This looks like so much fun!