Monday, June 1, 2009

Anna of Winter Hollow is published!

My second self-published novel is finally available today! Yay!!!! My first, A Real Boy, is available here (plug,plug;)

This was actually written back in 2005, and was the first novel I started shopping to agents. After numerous rejections and vast rewrites, I decided to go through CreateSpace once again and self-publish it. There is something to be said of the experience of holding your book, printed and bound, and reading it somewhere other than a computer-screen. A pretty powerful experience, I gotta say.

CreateSpace does make you do all the legwork, however. As opposed to a publisher, who will format your manuscript, design your cover, and sometimes even take your author photo, self-publishing means you need to do all that middle-man stuff, and it can be pretty time-consuming. It's nice, though, to have complete control over the appearance of the finished producct, and know that you made it look that way.

Now, for a little description (in case you might be interested in reading it!):

It is Anna’s sixteenth birthday, and she is just beginning to realize that her world is not as it seems. First there is the shocking discovery that the man she loved and mourned as her father was not, in fact, her father at all. Then there is her uncle’s butler Jeffries: quiet, pale, and rather frightening, Anna has always kept her distance from him. But after increasingly odd occurrences surrounding him, she forces him to reveal that he is not an average English servant, staid and retiring, but something much stranger and more exotic: a creature named Anselem who has been guarding Anna and her family for her entire life. In a brutal and terrifying moment her entire world is turned upside down and she is thrust into the Realms of Faery with Anselem and her brother and sister, fleeing from assassins and trying to avoid capture by her real father: none other than the Ruler of the Unseelie Court, King Oberon himself.
Plunged into a frightening world and beginning to realize powers she never knew she had, guided by the unpredictable but strangely compelling warrior Anselem, Anna begins to transform from a girl at home in corsets and crinolines to a Princess fighting for her life and the future of those she loves. On a chessboard ruled by the dark Oberon and the dangerous Titania, will Anna be able to survive the struggle for power and succession in a dark court boiling with lies and deadly intrigues? When the chrysalis opens, who will she find inside: a Victorian girl, a half-fae Princess, or someone she has not even begun to imagine?

Please take a look, and if it sounds interesting, give it a read. Then, let me know what you think; I love feedback, even if you hated it (but, you'd better tell me why!)

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