Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decorating daydreams . . .

I love the use of whites and neutrals mixed with a pop of color. When set against white or taupe or cream, any color immediately becomes much more vibrant and important. The blue and red in the above are fabulous, and I love the baby blue piano in the background. Usually, I'd be against painting exposed beams too, but here they look just lovely.

Again, red and blue with white and taupe. These chairs make me want to curl up with a good book and a mug of chai;)

How fabulous is this couch? Peacock blue (aka turquoise or teal) is my favorite color, and the bright cushions look amazing with the light interior. I can see myself buying a cheap mid-century couch and recovering the ugly plaid cushions with a teal linen or wool like this;)

Source: Design*Sponge
Your eye goes immediately to the yellow chair, doesn't it? Then the blue canvas and the green foliage; the white brightens everything. Isn't that capiz-shell chandelier beautiful?

I like orange and salmon. They can look garish and gaudy, but tempered with light neutrals they look just gorgeous.
There; my decorating daydream for the day. Go forth and simplify your color choices, but don't forget to add that all important pop of color.


Cassie said...

I LOVE the peacock blue couch. Love Love Love it :o)

Ginger said...

I know! It makes me want to buy a trashy couch to recover right now . . .

Reviewer11 said...

I agree, I love the white color with other colors. It makes it look so clean and open and with the colors mixed in, colorful and simple.

From a SITSta. :)