Thursday, June 25, 2009

Favorite Product Thursdays!

Okay, I admit it; I can be kind of schizophrenic about my perfume. I've always wanted to be the kind of girl with a "signature scent"; one of those that your boyfriend can always smell on his clothes, and just knows you've been in the room, because you leave the essence behind. But, I can never decide on just one that I love! Like hair color or shoes, I like to try on new ones and change it up throughout the week, so my nose never gets bored.

My current fave right now is a new scent from Dior: J'adore L'eau. I love J'adore (no pun intended!), but this new scent is just a little bit nicer: hints of citrus blend nicely with magnolia (heavenly), rose and gardenia. It's a very sweet, flowery scent; very summer.

Good luck trying to find it, however! Dior released it in April, but I've been chasing it down for awhile. Macy's has samples but it is not available in their online store, and Ulta says they may get it soon, but has no ETA. So far, Sephora seems like the best bet for scoring a bottle; it hasn't even started showing up on eBay yet!

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Anonymous said...

Some girlies are signature scent girlies (*wink) and some aren't. :)

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