Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's Day Gifts for other people's dads . . .

Now, bear in mind: none of these recommendations I'm about to make refer to my own dad. As I've been thinking about Father's Day and looking at the various gift ideas other people are putting out, I've had to acknowledge that my dad is not like the average father. He doesn't go for grilling equipment or sporting goods; he is uninterested in expensive running shoes and does not need a desk organizer. My dad is into DVD's and toys; a tour of his bedroom reveals shelves full of action figures and movies of every stripe and kind. So, this post will cover a wider range than that, for the rest of the dads out there;)

Beowulf for Men - Natural Handmade Beer Soap-AlchemicMuse

This not only looks like an art project, I'm sure it must smell fabulous. Made with sweet orange, lemon, clover honey and Corona beer, the citrus-y/hops scent is totally fresh alpha-male. It's all natural too, and you know I love me some of that;)

Retro Lucky Strike Motocross Backpack-ThingsBuilt

For the hipster biking dad, the one with the Italian leather motorcycle jacket, this is one cool backpack. Things Built has a bunch of mixed media built-from-scratch bags too, so take a minute to look around.


I know a lot of wireheads that would be stoked to get these, perfect for the computer-nerd dads out there. Grungy, urban, and pretty darn original, get a few so dad can keep his place in his computer manuals and programming guides.

Get Organized Daddy-o-Tresijas

This is so cool, I might have to get one for my own desk;) For the dad with Rothko on his wall and a membership at MOMA, this is one fabulous organizer. And, talk about a conversation piece; everybody who walks into his office will want to know where he got it, and start to wonder why they keep their pens in a boring old cup from Staples;)

Superhero - leather costume mask-Columbina

Finally, something for my dad: the superhero mask. 'Nuff said.

Whatever type of dad you have, make sure to remember him this Sunday with something that lets him know how cool you think he is . . .

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