Monday, June 15, 2009

Silk Spectre II Dress Diary-Part 2

Saturday dawned bright and early, and saw me getting down to brass tacks with Silk Spectre II. I started the laborious process of cutting apart and piecing together the yellow and black PVC unitards at about 9am, and I was surprised by how quickly it went. There are some projects that take far longer than you expect (most of them do, I find!). This, however, went very smoothly. Going one piece at a time so I wouldn't get lost or confuse myself, I cut each section out of the yellow unitard and serged it together with the corresponding black piece. Wherever there were points, I had to stop the serger just shy of them and go to my sewing machine to finish them off, as the serger blade would cut into the fabric otherwise. It was a tedious process, cutting, serging, sewing, cutting, serging, sewing, etc . . . but by 1pm I had this:

The gloves went on last, and then I solved the problem of the pesky panty-line; in the original, she has no visible edge-seams on anything, so they must have used some sort of placket system. As the edge of the leg-openings was a little baggy on me, I sacrificed a pair of Victoria's Secret boy-shorts to the cause, and serged them to the inside of the suit. Then, I finally turned the whole thing right-side-out again, and tried it on.

It certainly came a long way to what we had Wednesday night! With the exception of a few strange parts at the lowest points over the hips, it went together and held together very well. No longer made for oddly-shaped aliens, that's for sure!

The boots I decided to placket with some of the spare yellow PVC; I figured this would give it some added stick-to-itiveness at the tops. I then sewed the garter hooks on; I'm not taking any chances with the hooks coming undone!

Finally, I sewed the garters on the shoulders and attached the tops of the gloves with the garter hooks. It's all sewn down, of course; there is only the illusion that the gloves are being held up by the garters!

I jumped into the corset then. I had purchased a black PVC corset with a zipper front, and the first thing I did was remove all the terrible plastic "boning" from it. I then marked it and cut it into an under-bust shape, reboning it with 1/4" spiral steel. I then had my sister lace me back into it.
As you can see, she forgot to tighten the laces (the sides meet up the back), but you get the idea;)

The boots are still no fun to get on; once my steel-heeled shoes arrive, I'll be cutting out the bottom of the feet on the PVC boots and gluing them down to the shoes to finish the look.
I also marked and cut out the yellow to piece onto the black corset, and attached the garters to it. It's nearly all done! Still to finish: spray-paint the belt silver and paint the zipper, mold the zipper pull and belt buckle out of sculpy and paint and glue them into place, and decide whether or not I want to get a new and better wig! I'll post more pictures when I have them; stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i was wondering whether you knew if spray painting a PVC corset worked well or not? i am thinking of buying a PVC underbust corset for halloween and spraying it gold (I'm going as wonder women) but i'm unsure if it would work and i'm on a very tight budget if you could email me ( and let me know that would be great! and i really love what you made it really shows off your talent!