Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays!

Owen Freeman, "Surge"

Today's favorite site is my stop for amazing artwork: Gallery Nucleus. I originally discovered it because of the fabulous Kazu Kibuishi, whose own site Bolt City links to this, as they sell some of his prints. If you haven't checked out Kibuishi's work or been introduced to Flight, check that out too!

Mike Lee, "Cloud of Fire"

The work featured in Gallery Nucleus is weird and beautiful, whimsical and often strange; many of the artists do graphic novels or work in anime, and it shows in the emotional and detailed landscapes and the fantastical characters featured in many of the works.

Mari Inukai, "Nippon Seifuku"

I am unabashedly enthusiastic about all things Japanese, and so the discovery of these artists excites me;) I have so many of these as desktop wallpaper, it's sick;)

Aaron Limonick, "Glowing Mountain City"

Mikko Kinnuenen, "Monument"

Kazu Kibuishi, "Passing Ships"

I am absolutely wild about Kibuishi's artwork. I even painted a repro of one of his covers for Flight, and it hangs in my livingroom. If you check out no other artist, check him out.

Moki, "Untitled"

Take a look at Gallery Nucleus, and the artwork and prints they have, as well as the incredible selection of books and other media. I dare you to not get lost in the site, and realize you've lost an hour wandering through evocative landscapes and beautiful panels. . . .

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