Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy place . . .

Source: We Heart It

It's Monday morning after a very long and busy weekend, and if I let myself, I could be rundown and tired. Instead, I wanted to share my happy places; things that lift my spirit, no matter how mentally or physically exhausted I am.

Source: Twelve
1. Smelling fresh peonies, the bigger and sweeter, the better. I have yet to find a flower as cheerful and dramatic as the peony; soft and fluffy, fragrant and delicate.

2. The sound of water, on a beach, in a fountain, in the ocean . . . I think I must really be a water sign, because water makes me feel grounded.

3. Sitting in a window seat and reading a good book all afternoon; so much the better if you can pull the curtains closed and no one finds you;)

4. Staying in bed early on a cheerful sunny morning, letting the sun creep over your skin and listening to the world wake up outside.

5. (from above) Taking pictures with my new Nikon Esme; looking through the tiny viewfinder focuses and quiets the world, catching a moment within a frame. It's no wonder people used to fear that taking pictures could trap your soul inside them . . . I almost feel that's true.

Just a few things that quiet me and lift my spirit. What are some of your happy places, dear readers?


Sarah said...

I love the window seat...when I have a house I WILL have a window seat like that, and the curtains are a great idea! My happy place? Hmm...camping in the woods where all you can hear is nature. Nothing seems contaminated and everything seems so calm.

Ginger said...

There is nothing like the peace of nature;)