Thursday, July 2, 2009

Black: It's Not Just for Goths Anymore

Source: We Heart It

Last week I talked about the power of that pop of color amoungst neutrals. This week: the power of black.

I think far more people are afraid to decorate with black than they are to decorate with orange or red or green; there is a connotation in many people's minds that those with black decor listen to emo rock, paint half their nails and have hair styled in angles that could cut glass. But, adding black to a room, especially one full of color, instantly anchors the room and gives import to whatever area you're trying to highlight.

Source: We Heart It

You can't get much brighter than lime and fuschia, but by adding black, the eye is calmed and the colors seem more elegant, while still being playful.

Source: We Heart It
How much do you love that zebra rug? The play of textures and patterns drips sophistication, but the bright yellow couch keeps it fun.

Source: We Heart It

Love, love, love that jacquard, tone-on-tone charcoal wallpaper. Yes, Virginia; there is a way to do wallpaper without it looking like your grandmother's kitchen! Different tones of black bring depth to the room without making it unrelievedly dark.

Yay for pattern! If you're bold enough to go for stripes like this, black is the perfect accent.

Source: Coco + Kelley

Just a touch of black is all you really need in any room, but even a tiny hint of black can add visual interest. Try removing the black items from the room above, and it suddenlt becomes much blander.

Source: We Heart It

Sprinkle black throughout your room, and I promise it will instantly class up the joint;) Behold the power of black: not just for goths or emo kids anymore!


Anonymous said...

Tip: Black is my first go to when I don't know where to go/how to fix a room. ;)

Ginger said...

I love black stain on wood too; it instantly makes any piece seem more elegant, even if it came from ikea;)

Kimba said...

I used to have a bedroom that was done entirely in black & white, with little "pops" of colour. Literally, two walls were black, two white, white ceiling, black carpeting, black patent blinds. It was wonderful!