Monday, July 6, 2009

Putting the Fae on . . .

I could write a bunch about what it was like to finally get to put on the entire costume yesterday: I could talk about learning a new movement vocabulary in my silk skirts, getting irritated at a severely clogged airbrush, experiencing contact improv when it's really working . . . but words wouldn't do justice to the day. Maybe it's playing a silent character, but I'm finding my memories are in feelings, not sentences, and increasingly difficult to describe. So, instead, I'll just give you all some pictures of my day yesterday, and you can see the lovely people I get to paint and play with all summer . . .
My costume makes me inexpressively happy.

Our fearless director and Autumn Faery


The Brownie, without his acorn hat


Bloodtharken, the Dragon Faery

My pass matches my skin this year;)
Faire starts next weekend, and runs every Saturday and Sunday until Labor Day. Visit Bristol Renaissance Faire for more info, and come down and play with us this year!


down and out chic said...

wow, the makeup alone is pretty amazing!

Ginger said...

I feel so privileged to get to paint these amazing people every weekend;)