Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still on the moon . . .

. . . I should say, over the moon;) Last night was amazing and incredible, plain and simple. Getting to hear two of my personal heroes talk about one of the most exciting times in human history was an unrepeatable experience. Both astronauts were funny, fiercely intelligent, personable, and absolute gentlemen; I found myself wishing I could take them out to lunch and just pick their brains, just let them talk about whatever they wanted for as long as they wanted to talk. It was just amazing.
I'll post again when I have a few more pics to post; there was no photography allowed during the talk, but the friend I was there with sneaked a few shots at the very end, during the standing O. The above pic is me getting my book signed by Buzz; the smile on my face tells it all, I think;)
Simply an unforgettable night.


Anonymous said...

That's so great! I met Al Bean maybe 10 years ago at an art gallery for a book signing. It was well-organized so we had plenty of time to chat with him and he was *so* nice! Apollo 12 was always my favorite. :-) I've never met anyone from 11, but I did meet Jim Lovell, when he talked at Penn State, and briefly Jack Schmidtt. Al Bean is still my fav. :-) If you like Apollo, I highly recommend Mike Collins' "Carrying the Fire" and (non-astronaut) Andrew Chaiken's "A Man on the Moon". It's one of the best books about Apollo I've ever read and has lots of great anecdotes.

Ginger said...

Al Bean certainly seems like a nice guy;) There's several books on my list, and A Man on the Moon is right up there. Lovell has always been my favorite; such a true gentleman.