Friday, July 24, 2009

Lovely Package Exchange

I just signed up for what promises to be a very fun swap: The Lovely Package Exchange of 09!
I've not done a blog swap before; I always seem to hear about them after they're over. This time, however, Lindsey over at Great Full Day posted about her participation, and I headed right over to get in on it!

Basically, the idea is this: You sign up, listing your likes, preferences, favorite Etsy shops, etc, and how many swap partners you want. The emphasis of this swap is obviously pretty packaging, but what goes inside is important too! Hair doo-dads, pretty notebooks, organic trailmix . . . whatever you want (or think your partner might want) can go inside, and the outside has to be fabulous!

I can't wait to get my partners and get to work; I love pretty paper and trimmings (I see trips to Blick and Papyrus in my future), and the best part is, I get one back as well! Signup is going on until Monday, so head over to oh, hello friend to sign up for your swap partners today!

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