Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicago Comic-Con 09

Yes, that's right: the day you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Wizard World Chicago 09.

Okay, well, maybe it was just me that was waiting for it;) Anyway, the con was Saturday, and we had a blast. Tab's Bellatrix was a hit, her fiance A rocked the Anakin costume I had in my stock (good thing I had a lot of costumes lying around!), and my Silk Spectre was . . . well, it was quite an experience. Never before have I been the sought-after picture, or the "babe"; it was such a strange feeling. Not unpleasant; it was actually pretty nice. I just am not accustomed to it at all.

Tabitha looked amazing; she totally got into the part in pictures. She really pulled the look off, and gave her legs a workout doing great hexing poses for everybody;)

Mom and dad showed up right before we left, around 4. The boots make me almost 6' tall, which is a lot taller than my mom, and almost as tall as my dad. Weird experience, yeah? They kept trying to talk to us, and we kept getting interrupted by people wanting to take our pictures. Nature of the beast; Tab and I were used to it, but it was a little tough on them, I think! We didn't get to complete a single sentence!

The 501st were out in force (heh, heh); these guys are great, and I'm proud to count myself amoung them. I should try to do the Imperial thing again before I leave for the West Coast. I never see a Grand Admiral Thrawn at these things . . . hmmmmm

Oh my god, somebody more uncomfortable than me! If A hadn't been standing next to this guy in the Gommorean guard costume, he would have looked like a toy, but this is a full-sized guy in full costume. Amazing.
Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of Rohrshachs there. There was one Comedian and one other Silk Spectre, but I saw four different incarnations of him. Everybody's got a trenchcoat, right? ;)

Mom? This was the other SS I saw there that day, though I was told there were several of us walking around.

I have a serious weakness for Riddick; I loved the movies, and I've always had a soft spot (sweet spot?) for anti-heroes. This guy asked for a picture, and I was all, "Hell yes!" He invaded my personal space, and I was totally fine with that;)

Best pic of the two of them, hands down. I love the look on her face.

Yeah; we rocked the shit on Saturday. By the end of the day, my feet wanted to crawl off my legs and go on strike, and I was ready with the chain saw to help them along (never wearing those shoes again! Ever!), but it was a pretty fabulous time overall.
Things I have learned:
-Cutting down the Pleaser boots to ankle height and then attaching the pvc leggings would have solved a lot of problems!
-Double reinforce seams like the under-arms; I had a small tear under one arm when I put the suit on, and had to hide it in pictures all day!
-I should have attached the belt to the corset in some way; it kept riding up in the front, looking a little weird
-Measure the length of the garters twice before attaching them; mine ended up too long, and were a little baggy unless I stood a certain way
-Bring a brush when wearing a super-long, straight wig
-Remember to hydrate when wearing rubber;)


Emma said...

You look so wonderful! I am so excited for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been using your blog as a reference to make my own Silk Spectre II Costume. Boy is it a lot of work!! I bought all of the materials well in advance, but my awful procrastination has gotten the best of me and I am trying to manage to finish the costume in less than a week for Halloween on Saturday. I should also mention other then sewing a few handbags here and there I have absolutely no experience with sewing clothes, let along trying to make them fit! So I wanted to express my gratitude for documenting your experience so well, it has been sooooooooo helpful!!!

Thank You!!

MollyW said...

This is quite a while after, but I wanted to say how invaluable this blog has been for making my own Silk Spectre II costume! It's almost done in preparation for Comic Con this weekend, and I never would have attempted it without your awesome diariy. Thanks again!