Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite Site Tuesdays!

If you haven't yet discovered the work of Tord Boontje, it is well past time to do so. This Dutch artist creates die-cut pieces of fantastickal whimsy, and I have been coveting his work for some time. Though I've chosen a few of his pendant lights to showcase here, he also designs furniture, tableware, and does incredible art installations.

Working with the fantastic Artecnica in Los Angeles, Boontje has created things like the Future Flora series, the Until Dawn paper curtains, and the tranSglass Mirrors. His designs are so delicate and lovely, and yet most of them are cut polyester and metal, and so they are stronger than they look.

This pendant light comes in many different colors and combinations, and like the garland light can be wrapped how you choose. I love interactive art;)

This is one of my favorites; I swear I'll get one to hang someday . . .

This pendant is actually metal, ribbon, and crochet, and was designed to benefit a women's co-op in Rio de Janeiro. I think it looks more fae than real, and I love the glow peeking through the black mesh.

As you can see, Tord Boontje's installations are pretty magical too. Check out his site; I guarantee you'll be enchanted by his work . . .

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