Thursday, August 20, 2009

MIA Yesterday . . .

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Sorry about the dearth of posts yesterday; it was a bit of a crazy day. It's been an interesting week, actually. For a small recap:
-Sebastian is doing very well after his abscess incident. Only one more very expensive cab ride to go before he gets a clean bill of health.
-Faeries are not waterproof. Hello precious behavior: I can sit in a pile of wood chips and dirt in my white silk dress, but a few drops of rain sends me running--running--for the shack.
-My sister is now hooked on Avatar. Cue evil laughter (mwah, ha, ha, ha!) We started viewing Book 1 this week, and are about three disks in. Last night, the conversation went something like this:
"So, do you want to watch another episode, or stop here?"
Extremely tiny voice and large eyes, limpid as with some sort of manga character: "Another episode, please." My work here is done.
-I used to love "Thriller". Perhaps someday, after we have had time apart to think over what we've done, I will again. But, I'm not making any promises.
-It's just about time to start the next crazy, out-of-the-blue project that has no practical applications to my life. I'm thinking of becoming a master of Tai Chi, or finally starting that fabric-sculpt 30" Temeraire. Why not, right? My life was missing some pointless self-gratification.

We're heading into 7th weekend at Faire, and the end is in sight. As tired as I am, I am going to miss it more than I ever have, I think. Still, I'm starting to look forward to sleeping in. Like, ever. Yawn. . .

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