Thursday, August 6, 2009

Worries . . .

There is no fear like that of a mother for a sick child, especially when you don't know what's wrong. I remember the all-encompassing terror I felt when I found out that Alfalfa, my friend and companion of eight years, had a tumor growing in her chest that would eventually cause her death. Now, I'm afraid I'm about to go through it all again.

Last night, my sister discovered a tumor growing on Sebastian's face. It is just to the side and slightly under his jaw, and hidden by his bushy fur. A month ago, when we brought him in to the vet for his regular checkup and teeth filing, it wasn't there. Now, there is a knot of lumpy skin the size of a walnut there. He doesn't seem to be in any pain from it; he's eating and behaving normally. If it hadn't been discovered by chance, I probably wouldn't have known until the next checkup.

He's hopefully going in to the vet today at 4pm to be checked out. I feel this shaky, panicky feeling in the pit of my stomach, radiating out to my fingertips. I just don't think I can go through this again, so soon after losing Alfalfa.

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Anonymous said...

so sad, pls tell us what happens next!