Friday, October 9, 2009

My new covet . . .

Okay, I know I don't technically have a driver's license yet, but I definitely know what car I want to drive.

Yes, I am a tree-hugger by nature. I love the idea of cars going completely electric in the next twenty years, and I think that right now Nissan has the best models to push that forward.

Exhibit A is the Nissan Leaf, a zero emission electric vehicle that claims to get you 100 miles of city driving on one charge. There are also plans to build charging stations that can charge the battery 80% in 26 minutes, though like most plug-in EV's, it will charge in a 220V outlet in 6-8 hours. No info on pricing yet, but if it's in line with other cars this size, it will probably run $25K to $35K.

Another, more concept-y car from Nissan is the Land Glider, just unveiled in Tokyo to salivating car geeks everywhere; I mean, this thing looks like it belongs in a science-fiction Philip K. Dick adaption. The Land Glider is just 43" wide, which means the passenger would sit behind the driver, but what's so cool about this EV is the way it takes turns: the wheel segments move independently of the cabin, causing the car to lean into turns at up to a 17-degree angle, important in a small narrow car that might otherwise be apt to roll when taking tight turns. It is also zero emissions, but Nissan has no immediate plans to put this one into commercial production (sad face).

MINI and Smart, two of my other favorite car companies, have plans to develop EV cars too, and once I'm out in SoCal, it will be easier to recharge said electric cars. I say, hug a tree, plug in your car, and bring on the future!


Couture Carrie said...

Great choice, darling!


Tights Lover said...

Good for you!

Nothing wrong with being environmentally conscious.

Michael St. James said...

Looks cool! I don't think I can fit Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog!

becca. said...

lovely blog :)
great choice!!
come and check out my blog sometime :)
xoxo, becca

Missy said...

oh love the 1st car.

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