Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Banana Shpeel Madness!!!

If you're living in Chicago, you prpbably have heard that Cirque du Soleil is premiering their new show here this month. Not in New York, not in Toronto, but here, right on State Street, at the Chicago Theatre. Needless to say, I have been excited/chagrined, because I love that they're doing it here, but there's no way I can afford tickets right now. So imagine my delight when I found out they were giving out free passes to the dress rehearsal on the 18th! Free! Tickets! Cirque du Soleil! I am so there.

There was a general air of excitement, of coure, and lots of swag. WTMX was there handing out free yellow clown noses. Um, yes please! It doesn't take much to get me into a clown nose. It may take a lot to get me out of it, however; I'm tempted to wear this thing the rest of the day;)

There was quite a line, of course. The giveaway started at 11:30, but I was there at 10:30, and was already 80 people from the front. By the time 11:30 rolled around, the line went down the alley and curved onto itself twice! All you had to bring was, you guessed it: a banana. The guy at the box office claimed they would use them all to make banana cream pies for the show.

WTMX wasn't the only one there; Wow Bao was there handing out banana cream dumplings, gooey and steaming hot, and Eli's was there handing out chocolate covered cheesecake:

Special Edition Banana Chocolate-covered Cheesecake, of course. Catching a theme here?

They were handing out free bananas too. Since I had to hand mine over for the tickets, I grabbed one;) November 18th, Chicago Theatre, Banana Shpeel. Squeeee!!!!


Jessica Nunemaker said...

I am *so* jealous!

(But I must admit I am terrified of clowns. Someone would have to pay ME to wear a clown nose!)

Ginger said...

I *was* a clown for several years, but I know many people who are terrified/hate them!

AmericanTribal said...

I'm jealous! I love Cirque!

I awarded you the One Lovely Blogger Award... come to my blog if you want to collect the button! :)

ThePeSla said...

"When I was a frowning tramp and you played the clown..." You are beautiful in that pic with a clown nose - if I my say so.