Monday, November 16, 2009

Tabitha's Dinner Dress Diary: part 2

So, Tabitha's Dinner Dress has undergone a lot of changes this week.

You know when you create something and you're really proud of it, and then the person you made it for tells you they don't like it? If you haven't had this experience before, you've obviously never done any commission work. Though I tell myself I work for the client, it's hard to let go when you think you've created something beautiful. Still, when it's for someone else, it's not your opinion, but the other person's that finally matters.

All that beautiful cream reembroidered lace? Gone. In its place is a black pointe de sprit with a black lace edge. I cried a little as I took it off, but I think the pieces are mostly salvagable for something else, so hopefully I can use them again.

Before and After.

The beading is done, at least. I ordered 15 strands of jet czech glass beads from Fire Mountain, and when they came I thought I had ordered too many. After 15 hours of beading, I have 7 beads left. Boy, did I wipe my forehead after just squeaking by with that one! There's no way I would have had time to order any more; the party is this weekend!

The skirt got a pointe de sprit ruffle edged in lace, and a jet beaded tassel. The dress is pretty much complete now, with the exception of the regrommeting and a placket in the back. I'm definitely ready for this stress to be x-ed off my list!


Kimba said...

I actually prefer the changes you made, so your hard work was worth it! I hope she likes it now?? Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend, despite the fact I'll be boring & inappropriate in comparison! Get sleep & feel better!

kaye said...

I like the changes as well

InspiredDreamer said...

I certainly understand what it feels like to have to change something you've created for someone else, although I do design work, not clothes-making. I'm so impressed by your gift, the dresses you make are gorgeous!!