Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: for the Vintage Hound

Here it is; the start of the Holiday Gift Guides!

We all know her: the girl who can pull off the jeans with a 1920's cloche hat, the chica who can wear a '50's cocktail dress to the holiday party and make it look natural. She trawls the vintage stores and always finds the best stuff, be it a cute pair of kitten heels, an antique fashion plate, or a fox-fur stole. This gift guide is for That Girl;)

How cute is this hat? Couldn't you just see it over that perfect little pixie-cut, paired with a great peacoat?

I kinda want this on my wall;)

Simple and elegant, and the wire makes it feel a little fancier.

So adorable, and in a totally wearable size: 7.5!

Okay, this one breaks the bank a little, but your Vintage Hound deserves it, right?

Stay tuned for more Holiday Shopping Guides to come. Does anyone have a target they'd like me to post a guide for? Comment here and let me know!

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Amber Page Writes said...

That dress! And those shoes! And that hat! And, and, and...I want them all. Now, please?

Great list!