Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tabitha's Dinner Dress Diary: Final Entry!

The Victorian Birthday Dinner Extravaganza was a huge smash on Saturday; I was so overstuffed it's taken me this long to write a post on it;) Seriously, though, a huge thank you to my sister Tabitha and my BFF B,who had been planning the thing for months. It was seven courses of sheer heaven, and I only wish my corset had let me eat more of it!

Now, on to the dress:

 As you can see, the dinner dress underwent a lot of changes, but my sister was much happier with it this way. It fit her perfectly, and though she usually chooses green while I choose blue, she looks absolutely lovely in this navy dupioni silk. Given the thing to do over again, I would have used my friend Andrew over at Silk Baron for the fabric, but I got an amazing deal on the 20 yards I needed for this dress and I couldn't pass it up. It was pretty light-weight and was harder to work with than the green silk I used for mine, but you can't tell how thin the silk was on the finished product.

You can see a bit of the bustle here; I didn't get any pics of her from behind, so I'll have to take some proper ones later. Here she is mugging with B and my friend M, while I look on from the background.

I was very happy with the end result, in spite of my earlier issues with it. She looked beautiful, which was the only thing that really mattered! And, yes, that is one of my pieces in her hair; she's wearing Trixie for the evening!

 Now, onward to the next projects: Regency dresses for the 2010 Regency Ball in Lansing!


christa elyce said...

wow! you guys loooks smashing!is ya'lls red hair natural? its really pretty!

Christy said...

gorgeous dresses! you are so talented. I do hope you are moving to so. cal to do costumer work...

Ginger said...

I am moving, and none too soon! We just got a bunch of snow dumped on us up here:(