Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing Dress-up . . .

Well, the weekend I'd been planning for weeks finally arrived: Seamstress of Avalon Photoshoot! I asked several friends if they'd be willing to come and play dress-up at my apartment for a few hours and get paid in cookies and hats, and surprisingly, they agreed;) I was lucky enough to have four wonderful girls come and let me do their makeup and hair and put them in costumes so I could take some fab pictures for the shop, and we had some serious fun.

Saturday started bright and early for me; I got up, got my camera ready for the shoot and got out all the makeup, etc I would need for the day. The ladies arrived at 11 and we dove right in, one of the girls getting a '40's glam look for some of the bridal pieces, and the other getting a pixie '80's look for the fun feather and bows pieces. We laughed and curled hair and had fun getting everybody ready, and then I started snapping.

I should state here that I have zero experience as a photographer. My canera is just a few months old and until I can afford to take lessons it is still a great mystery to me. During the shoot I pressed a button accidentally that changed my display and I couldn't figure out what I'd done for several minutes! Needless to say, if the pictures look good, it's entirely because of my subjects, and if they look bad, its entirely because of me;)

Sunday started around 11am as well, I wanted to be sure to have plenty of natural light to play with, and I'm so grateful the girls were willing to show up so early on a Sunday for me! It was another fun day of cookies, chai, and dressing up. I had to take pics of my historical hats on Sunday, so I broke out the sacque-back gown and improvised a steampunk outfit out of some Victorian odds and ends. My sister liked the steampunk look so much she may use it;)

The pictures turned out better than I'd hoped. Here are a few of the finished shots:

I still have one more shoot to do next weekend with my sister, and after this weekend's fun and exhausting experience, I'm really looking forward to it! Check out the new pictures in my shop, and tell me what you think!

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