Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Favorite Site Tuesdays: Romancing the Bling

Oh my goodness. This week's featured shop is just too fabulous. Romancing the Bling is just what it says; a huge collection of bridal hair combs and clips fashioned from repurposed vintage rhinestone brooches. These are not rinky-dink 1960's brooches either; these are full-on, art deco, shiny, beautiful pieces, perfect for the vintage-styled bride (or even the occasional red carpet!).

Gorgeous. If I could get away with it (and my bank account didn't scream in protest), I would buy several of these pieces.

I have just started buying brooches for Tabitha's brooch bouquet (and mine!), and I'm still in the process of gathering materials for her bridal headpiece. If this didn't break the bank, I'd consider adding one of these to the mix. Simply stunning. Check out Romancing the Bling; click, drool, and buy;)


Kimba said...

Now these are what I adore! Freakin' fabulous!!!!

Debby said...

Thank you for featuring my jewelry line; Romancing the Bling! You chose some of my favorite combs to post to your blog! I'll be adding your blog to my blog roll and I hope you don't mind.

Take care,

Romancing the Bling

Ginger said...

No problem, and thanks for that;)