Friday, February 19, 2010

"I finally played a scene with Neville Sinclair."

Every once in a while, when I don't have enough crazy projects back to back to keep my brain occupied, I'll come up with an "Always-Wanted-To" project; one of those dream dresses that, if only I had an excuse, I would make immediately.

When I first saw the Rocketeer, it was in a second-run theatre, one of those really amazing theatres left over from a grander age, with fading gold leafing on acanthus-topped columns, balconies, and twinkling starlights in the ceiling. The theatre closed down many years ago, but I have never forgotten the experience of seeing this movie in such a setting. I fell in love with the film, an old-fashioned Hollywood adventure with nods to old serials like the Shadow and Superman. I loved the sweetness and optimism, the colors, the score, and of course, the costumes.

Ah, the glamour of the '30's and '40's. Bill Campbell flying around in perfectly fitted white jodphurs and leather jackets, Jennifer Connelly sashaying in pencil skirts and waved hair. And, who can forget that white evening gown, shiny silk charmeuse the curved where it needed to curve, and fanned out when Timothy Dalton spun her on the dancefloor. I have always loved this dress, and have long harbored a desire to reproduce it one day.

The out-of-print Vogue Badgley Mischka pattern is the best I've found over the years; with a few alterations like thicker straps and a center seam with faux buttons down the front would make this work nearly perfectly. But, where to wear it, and why? Until I know the answers to that, this dress is going to remain one of those "Always-Wanted-To" projects.

A little side-note: I met Bill Campbell a few years ago. I have long had a celebrity-crush on him, probably since I was 11 years old and sat enraptured watching him in the Rocketeer. My hands shook so much I could barely hold a camera, but he was sweet and gracious. If I ever get to meet him again, I hope I can be a little cooler;)

What about you, dear readers? Any projects you're just waiting for an excuse to take on?


Kimba said...

Ummm...why don't you make it as your maid-of-honour dress for your sister's wedding?? I'm just sayin'....

Ginger said...

Two problems there:
1) I love the fact that the dress is white. That obviously makes it verboten for the wedding.
2) I really don't want to make my own bridesmaid dress.

Maybe someday I'll find another excuse to make this dress, but not yet!