Monday, February 22, 2010

The Tower Card

Image courtesy We Heart It

I read Tarot cards, usually for self-meditation, though I occasionally read for friends and family. Lately, I've been doing a lot of readings, and they've been scarily accurate.

The Boy is not really interested.

This isn't a huge shock to me. In my life, I've had six or seven real crushes, the kind that keep you up nights and leave you sort of miserable. I've had one boyfriend, out of those six or seven. You do the math. I've gotten used to the rush of feeling, the terror and euphoria when you tell someone how you feel about them, and then the disappointment of the sigh, the sideways glance, the "I wish I was anywhere but here" look they get afterwards. I'm still friends with most of these boys, and I'm happy to have so many friends in my life. But, it does start to get old, this familiar story.

It feels a little worse each time.

And, I lied when I said I've gotten used to it.

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