Wednesday, March 10, 2010

as spring opens, touching skillfully, mysteriously . . .

Courtesy We Heart It

It may be grey and rainy, but it is going to be near 60 degrees today, and that cheers me immensely. I've had a few personal setbacks recently, got my heart a little broken, but the coming of Spring seems to make all that fade into the background. Soon, the trees that have been barren and covered in frost will bud, and then all at once, overnight, will burst into a riot of whites and pinks and delicate wines, and the air will be full of drifting petals with every breeze. The Japanese, who have always been an inspiration to me, wrote endlessly of cherry blossoms, a sort of national obsession of theirs. Some may scratch their heads at the fixation, but I have always understood: their beauty lies in their transcience, their delicacy,  in the fact that they will not last long, and cannot be taken for granted. Like Spring. A time of transitions, of beginnings and endings, of unpredictability.

It doesn't take much to cheer me up, and a warm day after such a long winter, even one a bit gloomy, is enough for me.

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ThePeSla said...

Yes, spring

Seamstress, I will be in wheaton for a week to watch my son's dog at the end of march and visit my philosopher friend Erik.

Maybe you could read the tarot for me one midday. Yes, your projects are most interesting- alas my friend who got married and loved peacock feathers left for the army before she saw your art.