Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion Review (the Unfortunates) . . . .

There are always those who take a red carpet risk and pay for it. I definitely saw a few out last night at the Academy Awards.

Sarah Jessica Parker can always be counted on to be daring in her style choices, and often I applaud her for that. But, last night? That bizarre Chanel sack with the strange neck strap was equalled only by her bed-head; the back was perfectly coiffed, but the front looked a little "There's Something About Mary". The whole look aged her about 20 years. And, Miley Cyrus not only wore a bland cream dress from Jenny Packham, she could not stand up straight! The entire night! I wanted to grab her shoulders and roll them back!

Diane Kruger, you are gorgeous. Why would you do this to yourself? There is nothing flattering about this Chanel Couture dress. And, Charlize, usually so elegant and beautiful, seems to be sporting lavender roses over each boob in this dress from Dior, and it is not a great idea.

I'm not sure what I like less about Virginia Madsen's look: the matronly dress or the school-teacher hair. Then, there's Rachel McAdams; from the pale hair to the boring watercolor Elie Saab dress, she just looked washed-out and unmemorable.

I liked the idea of Jennifer Lopez's Armani Prive dress, but I couldn't stop thinking about the fabric being the same stuff they use in little girls' faery wings; that iridescent plasticky sheer. Dear Tina Fey and Elizabeth Banks: your are funny, beautiful women. Don't do this to yourselves again. Sincerely, me. Those Michael Kors and Versace dresses did not do you any favors.

Maggie Gyllenhaal always takes a risk on the red carpet, and I usually don't like what she chooses. This Dries van Noten dress was actually pretty tame by comparison, but I still felt the print was too casual for the night.

Those are my picks for my least favorite looks last night. Now, it's time for you to weigh in:

What did you think of the fashion at last night's Oscars?


Costume Queen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Miley Cyrus' terrible posture. Her slumped-forward shoulders made me feel good about my posture, and I have terrible issues with standing up straight!!

I was actually quite disappointed with the dresses at the Oscars this year. Usually there's at least three that have me salivating, but there were only two or three that I only sort of liked.

Anonymous said...

You're right; these are pretty bad. My comments from the previous post apply double here. What were these ladies thinking?

Re: the previous post - I'm reconsidering Sigourney Weaver's dress. It's not the most flattering dress she's ever worn, but it is better than most of the other dresses presented. Still not as well fitted as Helen Mirren's dress, but relatively flattering by comparison to the others.