Monday, March 29, 2010

Regency Ball 2010!

The Regency Exhibition Ball was this weekend, and it was lovely and amazing once again! Thank you to the organizers, of course, and to the friends I got to spend a wonderful three days with;)

The ladies looked beautiful, of course;) The B&B we stayed at, the Palmer House in Albion, MI, had quite a few perfect photo spots, the staircase being only one of them.

I think my headwrap turned out nicely. I got a few compliments on it throughout the evening, and I didn't have to worry as much about my hair this year!

I'm so glad I went with blue this year; pink seemed to be the popular color, and my dress was one of the few dark ones at the ball.

My sister wore my dress from last year, and I think it looks better on her than it did on me!

The B&B was simply charming. My room was the Maid's Room, small and quaint, with lovely toile wallpaper and everything in blue and white.

The house had a lot of original woodwork, fireplaces, and antique furniture and lights.

The entryway also had green damask fabric wallpaper, which was probably original to the house.

The Ball was held at the Central United Methodist Church in Lansing for the last time; they have grown too big for the space! The next ball will be in South Bend, IN.

The ball was quite a squeeze, and was just as much fun as last year. I had forgotteh how much fun the dancing was; we had an exceptional caller and never worried about stepping on toes or bumping shoulders (which happened quite a bit!). We were all just there to have fun;)

Afterwards, we went to Ye Olde Steak and Shake for dinner;) It was astonishing that our arrival drew so little attention; you'd think they saw people dressed in Regency finery in their restaurant every day!

We went antiquing as well, visited the fabulous St. Julian's Winery, and ended the weekend visiting the World's Hardest to Find Cemetery in Lawrence County. It was an amazing weekend, and boy am I tired today!


drollgirl said...

you look so fab! love the blue!

Kimba said...

Yeah, we're pretty fabulous!

Lisa said...

I adore your blue gown!

Do you know if there will be a Regency Ball in 2011?