Tuesday, April 20, 2010

40 Before 40

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Lately I've been hearing about a lot of 30 Before 30 lists; things people want to accomplish before they turn 30. Most of the lists are originated by women, and they usually encompass things that fall outside of the normal comfort zone, or are things they have always wanted to do but simply hadn't gotten around to yet.

Well, I clearly missed the boat on the 30 Before 30 trend, but I have decided to do a 40 Before 40 list, and of course, in true blogger style, I'm going to track my progress here. All this week I'm going to share the items on my list, in no particular order; these are all things I think I should accomplish in the next ten years, things which would make me happier and more well-rounded, things I have wanted or needed to do for a long time. Many of them are tangibles: things which are quantifiable, like learning a language or acquiring a skill. But, many of them are very, very intangible; they are ways of looking at myself or feeling about myself that I have not been able to find within me yet. A few are slightly contingient on others, but most are fully in my own hands, for I have always known that I am master of my own fate.

Here, without further ado, are the first ten items on my 40 Before 40 list:
1.Wear my yellow polka dot bikini out on an actual beach! With people around!
2.Learn to ride a bike
3.Learn to swim
4.Learn Spanish
5.Learn Japanese
6.Master French
7.Visit a country that requires me to get a passport
8.Walk across an awards stage. I don't have to be the winner, but I'd like to be invited!
9.Live with a dog
10.Live with a man

These might not seem like big things to some of you; maybe you've done one of these or all of these already. But, to me, these are things I want or need to do. I could even make the list longer; I keep thinking of things to add! maybe I'll see how I do with the items on this list, first;)

What about you, dear readers? What would be on your list?


Anonymous said...

Those sound like excellent things to experience at any stage of life, especially the swimming since you'll be moving to near a fairly warm ocean.

I tend to do a list of annual goals. They're not resolutions, just things I'd like to do and may as well take a shot at sooner rather than later.

I look forward to the rest of your list. Plans can be exciting.

ThePeSla said...

Egad, I've missed another decade to do myself!

10. Live with a redhead

hehe was that yellow with pokadots or yellow pokadots?

I actually found riding a bike much more fun that driving- learning them at the same time.

Oh well, go to school would be high on my list- before I die anyway.

Jen said...

Yikes, I've got half as long as you do to complete such a list. Thanks for the push!

Ed said...

Wow, I can't believe you have not visited another country. A must for anyone. That should be on the top of your list!