Monday, May 17, 2010

Naperville 2010 !

The Plaid Brigade

My last Naperville was this weekend, and it was wonderful and bittersweet. Lots of lovely people were there, we had fantastic weather (especially Sunday!) and it was a nice way to end my years of doing this event.

Me as Martha "Mittie" Roosevelt

In spite of some snags in the weeks running up to the event, we ended up having good attendance both days. Mittie was out in force, in all her Southern Sassiness (I should trademark that!). It seemed we had some really good patrons too this weekend; kids who were cool and inquisitive, and adults who were really interested in what we had to say. We've all researched our history so thoroughly that it's a joy to talk to people about it, and I think a few were educated without being aware;)

Tabitha looked lovely, of course.

Tabitha reading an 1862 paper.

The battle, especially on Sunday, was very good this year. We sat near some bloodthirsty children on the Union side who would have jumped over the fence and fought with the boys in blue if they could have!

A gathering in the Halfway House yard, our home at Naper Settlement.

Teddy with K., and me gazing longingly at the fudge shop.

We had two visitors from England this year, the irrepressable Teddy and Tom. They were a hoot, and I was glad to meet them;)

Our boys in blue, on the march.

President Lincoln, of course;) Max is one of the best Lincolns I've seen, funny, knowledgible, and very personable.

Even during the Civil War, a good Southern girl has to have her iced chai;)

 . . . And funnel cake!

Yes, it was a bittersweet weekend. I kept saying to myself, "This is the last time I'll . . ." Breaking everything down Sunday evening was especially hard; I tried to take it all in and not start blubbering like an idiot. This event was my first Civil War event and it is fitting that it will be my last here. Thank you to Naper Settlement, to Great Lakes Reenactors Guild, and to all my friends who made this weekend special.

The first of the lasts.

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