Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favorite Site Tuesdays: Deadworry

This week's featured site is one of my faves: Deadworry! I have two of their babydoll dresses, and wish I could afford more! Their quirky graphic style mixed with lots of style options make this my go-to place for tees;)

They don't just offer tees, of course: Deadworry has totes, messenger bags, dresses, and lots more, featuring their unique and sorta vintage-y designs. Where else can you find the Octo-owl? or Sir Fancy McRabbit?

The best part? Most items are under $40. These are hand-printed items for less than you would expect, and since they're printed on American Apparel tees, you know they'll be soft and comfy.

Did I mention the underwear? Adorable!

It's not just for chicks either; Deadworry has plenty to offer the hipster guy out there;)

Check out Deadworry; it's possible their items are too cool for me, but I don't care! Any shop that uses an anagram for Edward Gorey in their name is already my favorite;)

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Maria said...

I love love this blog, I`m a redhead too.