Friday, June 18, 2010

A Salute to Dad . . .

My birthday dinner last November

Father's Day is this Sunday, and I won't get to spend it with my dad, unfortunately. It always falls right in the middle of Faire rehearsals, which take up pretty much the entire day. I did want to do a salute to my dad, though, since I won't get to spend the day with him.

Last Wizard World. Even with my spiked heels making me almost 6' tall, he still towers over me.

Let's just say that if it weren't for my dad, I would not be the enormous geek that I am today. He was the comic book lover, the toy collector, and the superhero fan. The New Fantasy Shop, which he and my mom ran until 1985, was his brainchild. It was from him that I learned to love X-Men and Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He may not have been much of a book reader, but his comic book and movie collection are legendary.

Dad with my sister Trisha at her wedding. The red shirt is especially natty;)

In spite of any arguments we've ever had, I've always known my dad is in my corner. No matter how crazy my costumes or makeup choices, he can always be counted on to whip out the pictures and proudly show anyone and everyone all about Faire, or the latest convention or party or event where Tab and I dressed bizarrely. Whatever our faults or foibles, he remains ridiculously proud of all of us kids (even if he does mix up our names from time to time!).

In the old days. This pic is from 1972, before the Shop, and before me. My dad is in the back.

Times were hard growing up; there were seven of us and never enough of anything: space, money, or time. One of my earliest memories of my dad is from a period when he was unemployed and he volunteered at my kindergarten, a role usually only filled by moms. I remember playing Don't Break the Ice and Cootie with him, and having him hand out milk after the afternoon nap. It was pretty cool having him around back then, when I was so used to him working all the time. My dad has worked nonstop to support the people he loves since he was 16, and he hasn't stopped yet.

Mom and Dad's wedding. They met through a Star Trek Fan Club. Of course;)

Times change, we grow older. My dad doesn't have his handlebar mustache anymore, and the New Fantasy Shop is long gone. His hair is silver now and I'm tall enough to see over his shoulder, though he is still one of the tallest guys I know. But, no matter how old I get or how far apart we are, he is and always will be my dad.

Mom and Dad back during the Shop days.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. May the Force Be With You, Live Long and Prosper, and Keep Flying;)


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Ginger. Hope your father had a nice father's day. xxx

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

melissa said...

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padawansguide said...

I love that your parents are big geeks! :-)