Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twisted . . .

I've blogged about the trend of convertible dresses in the past, and how much I dearly love the idea of a dress that takes a little creativity to style and wear.  Now it seems like everyone is getting on the bandwagon (a trend I don't mind at all!). Dessy had one of the first; a wrap dress in two lengths intended as a bridesmaid dress but increasingly appealing for everyday wear as well. Their version is a little pricy, coming in at around $200, but when you figure you can make four or five dresses out oone, it doesn't seem nearly so bad.

Two Birds was another company that got in at the beginning of the convertible dress trend, and their bridesmaid dresses are still showing up on wedding blogs and in bridal magazines. Coming in multiple lengths, colors, and styles, they seem to offer the most choices beyond just the many ways you can wear the top panels.

A few new companies have joined in the fun, and I gotta say I like the new, more affordable options. Victoria's Secret now has an entire collection of convertible dresses, of which the above is my favorite. Sexy without being skanky, I actually first saw this dress on a bridal blog being used as bridesmaid dresses, each wrapped differently. At just under $100, it's pretty nicely priced too!

The final offering is the most affordable of the bunch, a new Mossimo dress from Target. Coming in multiple colors like purple, black, and red, the $30 price tag means this dress might just have to find it's way into my closet;)

How about you, dear readers? Do you like the Convertible Dress trend? Or, do you like dresses you don't have to figure out how to wear?

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