Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Within You and Without You . . .

I talk a lot about my time as a Fantastickal on this blog, and plenty of my readers probably get tired of hearing about it. But, the experience has so enriched and changed my life that I'm afraid I can't help it, rather like a new mother who can't stop talking about everything her baby does, regardless of how her fiends roll their eyes;)

That experience is largely due to the people I share it with, namely, the other faeries. We all begin the same, in yoga pants and t-shirts, rolling around in the grass, climbing the trees, and slowly discovering our characters and each other with trepidation and wonder. We have passed the half-way point in my final season at Bristol now, and I am starting to reminisce over the last four years working with this troupe. There have been ups and downs, some tears and an assload of laughter. Being "Mom Faery" has been lovely, but I couldn't do it without my cast.

Each one is amazing, unique, and hugely talented, as well as massively dedicated; how else can you explain signing a contract to not speak for nine weekends, and put every muscle through the workout of its life? I think the truest test of friends happens not when things are going well, but when the days are tough: when you're crying, or stressed, or tired and ill. These are the people who hold your hand, give you a kleenex, a hug, or a blanket and pillow. They would be my crew in any endeavor, and if I were shipwrecked with them, I don't think things would end up so badly. They'd help me build a raft of twigs and sticks that could weather anything, because who else knows more about them?

So, I sing the song of my Fantastickals. They are beautiful and rare, and when I leave, they are some of the people I will miss most of all.

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