Monday, September 13, 2010

New Projects . . .

Well, my autumn is certainly starting to fill up with projects! Ant other time, and I'd probably pare back on sewing and millinery jobs, what with a 2000 mile move and a wedding in the next 4 months. But, I need the money desperately, so I'm taking any and every commission I possibly can before I leave. So, I'm going to be one busy bee!

First up, I'm meeting this week with a burlesque performer for one or more projects with her and her partner. I'm terribly excited; I love burlesque, and the thought of doing something dripping with rhinestones and feathers appeals to me;)

Next, a friend has asked for a Grand Admiral Thrawn costume for Halloween. Squee! He has always been my favorite Expanded Universe character; in fact, I almost made a costume for myself several years back. I'm looking forward to it.

Then of course there's the project that won't make me any money (but won't cost me any either!): my Rocketeer Dress. I'm excited to get started, and might actually start making it this week, to clear the schedule for actual paying clients;)

Whew! I'll keep y'all updated on the projects, and hope they help me get to Cali! I'm still pretty short on the funds I'll need, but I'm doing what I can, looking for a second job, just trying to make it work. Cross your fingers for me. . .

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