Monday, September 27, 2010

The Shoes . . .

So, Tabitha and I went shopping this weekend for wedding shoes. This leaves most guys scratching their heads; indeed, A seemed mostly dumbfounded at the number of shoes she tried on, and awestruck at the price of each pair. He kept reminding us, pointedly, that he was paying for his entire wedding wardrobe what Tab was paying for her shoes. Wisely, we ignored him;) Men just can't understand how important it is for the bride to look and feel perfect on her wedding day; I knew she had to find the shoes she loved, and that once she did, we had to walk out with them.

A trip to Old Orchard mall yielded a lot of walking; we stopped in Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, Steve Madden, Nine West, Aldo, and Macy's. I knew she would know the perfect shoes when she tried them on, and sure enough, the first store and the first pair were it. But, they didn't fit quite well enough, and so we kept looking. But, she kept wistfully mentioning them throughout the day: "If only that pair at Macy's had fit . . .", "I still like that first pair more . . .". After three hours, she was cranky and discoraged, and we went back to Macy's to eat and get her blood sugar back up. I suggested she try those first shoes again, and that we add a bit to the back to make them fit better. She brightened and we went back upstairs to try them on again.

Her face just lit up when she put them on. They are sparkly and glamourous, covered in sequins and jewels and exactly what wedding shoes should be. She didn't want to take them off. Wisely, she decided to also get a pair of flats for the reception, and while those shoes are adorable too, she did not elect to whip them out of the box as soon as we got home and try on the entire wedding kit just so she could see the whole ensemble. She wore the heels all night, in her pajamas.

Thank you Macy's for having the shoes, and thank you Nina for making them. Nina Erna shoes in Burgundy Prugna.

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