Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Decade That Roared . . .

Watching HBO's Boardwalk Empire has gotten me to thinking about the 1920's. I had never really been a fan until the last few years, when I started to truly admire the silhouettes. The more I delve into the fashion, the more I start to love it.

 The '20's really were a huge watershed for women's fashion: gone were the long skirts and corsets, and in their place were scandalous dresses that bared calves, thin silk slips, and dropped waists that de-emphasized a woman's shape. Women were drinking, smoking, dancing all night, and even got to vote. They cut their hair and wore more makeup than seemed prudent or wise; they were breaking out and starting to find a little independence.
 And, the clothes! From tailored tweeds to filmy chiffons dripping in beads, these jazz-babies knew how to cut a figure. Cloche hats covered marcello-waved hair, and shoes were strappy. What's not to love?

I gotta say, I'm wanting to make a '20's ensemble now. Maybe I can have a Boardwalk Empire-themed Bon Voyage Party . . .

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