Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stress-Monster . . .

Here's your weekly stress update from local stress-monster, Arthur P. Monster.

When last we checked in, Ginger was losing sleep and feeling irrationally emotional over the impending cross-country move, now less than three months away. Since then, there have been a few interesting developments:

- Food is becoming a ritual of peanut-butter and jelly, due to a general lack of funds and stomach ickiness following most meals. If this follows form with other stressful events, food should become entirely uninteresting soon.
- Rechecking the moving budget is now a daily occurrance. It's not like the numbers are changing , but she just keeps checking them.
- The lack of a job (or any prospects for one) in California is taking top priority in her Things I Am Most Stressed About list. This is a significant reshuffling from the previous list order, which also includes:

2.Not having enough money saved to get out there
3.Not having an apartment yet
4.Living on my own in a strange city for the first time ever
5.Not yet knowing if I will be able to pay bills and rent with whatever job I find
6.Acclimating my rabbits to a completely new environment (neck and neck with) 7. Flying with my rabbits in the cargo area of an airplane, and not with me in the cabin
8.Worrying that my POS car will break down as soon as I get out there

This has been your weekly stress update. Look for more updates in the future. This has been Arthur P. Monster.

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