Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Favorite Site Tuesdays: Blik

This week's favorite site is Blik. As any habitual apartment dweller will tell you, it can get pretty frustratingly boring to never be able to paint your walls and bring your personality into a room. Blik solves this in the coolest way possible: removeable wall decals by graphic designers, artists, and interior decorators.

From the simple to the elaborate, Blik has something for every taste and every style. Not everyone will want a half-naked tree woman in their front hall (but I know a few people who would!)

They also collaborate with Threadless and have produced several decals based on their designs. Being a huge Threadless fan, I'm pretty excited by that!

Many of their designs also come in multiple color choices too, so you can match them to your decor. Though, I don't kow why you wouldn't want red, in this case;)

There are darkly goth designs, stark silhouettes, whimsical graphics, and utterly modern pieces. Check out Blik (and their 18 pages of designs!), and I dare you to resist getting something for your walls, apartment or not! I know I have a few earmarked for the new place . . .

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