Friday, October 1, 2010

Rocketeer Dress Diary- Part 1

So, The Rocketeer Dress is nearly done, and I still need to post about it! Sorry! I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to take oodles of pics and post step-by-steps about this one, but I promise I will soon. A few notes about making the dress:

The pattern I used is an out-of-print pattern from Vogue, a Badgley Mischka design that was the only current pattern I could find with the essential zig-zag bias-draped skirt I needed. The rest of the pattern was pretty close, but did need some alterations:
-The front had to get a center seam, and I eliminated the darts in order to add the two gathers for the "buttons". The gathers served the same function as the darts would have.
-The bustline was lowered from the pattern, and I curved it to give it a more sweetheart shape.
-I widened the straps.
-Zipper instead of the buttons up the side that the pattern shows.

It was unfortunate that the fabric I ordered, a 100" silk charmeuse, turned out to be a much lighter momee than I was expecting. It made the draping and sewing a lot harder, and the resulting dress does not have the body I was hoping for. It's also pretty sheer! I had to double the lining to make sure nothing could be seen that I didn't want seen! All in all, it's okay but not great, in my opinion. It still needs the side zipper and the hem and it makes me wish fervently that I could lose 20 pounds before the end of the month (shiny white silk! What was I thinking?!), but I'm glad to have the chance to finally make this dress.

I'll be posting a more detailed dress diary soon; stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Lose 20 lbs? You don't look fat in the least in that picture (or in others I've seen of you) - besides which, Jennifer Connolly wasn't a twig yet when she wore that dress. Just look at the promo pic you've posted! She has curves!

Anonymous said...

wow, great job on the jenny dress....i am a hug rocketeer fan and been collecting rocketeer movie props and other the dress...i am putting together my own rocketeer costume...i have the rocketpack for the rest....