Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Closer . . .

So, I checked this morning after getting paid yesterday: I now officially have enough in my savings to pay the movers to ship my stuff and my car. Yay!!! That means that all my stuff (minus my books and DVDs which I'm mailing) and myself (after the airline ticket debacle) are definitely going to LA!

Now, I still need to pay for my rabbits' airfare (which is more than mine!), and I don't have a job or a place to live yet, so there are still a few minor bumps in the road. But, it felt pretty good to realize that I'm actually going to get there. After months and months of uncertainty, of worrying and stress and tearful phone calls and working the numbers like a fiend, I'm finally on my way. I could not be doing this without the help of my friends and family, and I truly hope they know how much I appreciate them. Though, seen in another light, they are working pretty hard to get rid of me . . . hmmmmmm ;)

To celebrate, I started mentally decorating my nonexistent apartment last night, while I was trying (and failing) to sleep. The trick will be to try to divide the space in a pleasing way without boxing myself in, given that the space will be so small. I think my open IKEA shelves will help with that, dividing the "bedroom" from the "livingroom/workspace".  I'll be excited to start in January; I've never really had a place that was all my own, and my small amount of furniture and possessions will be just right for such a space. Of course, I'll post about it all here;)

Everything is starting to come together, and I'm holding my breath, knocking on wood, and stroking my rabbits' feet that come January, I'll be a real California Girl;)


Pink Scarf said...

How exciting to be moving to California! Why are you going? I think I remember you saying that you wanted to try to get into movies... but maybe that was a different blog. :0)

Ginger said...

Nope, that was me! I want to get into film costuming, mostly, but maybe a little acting too;)