Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stress-Monster Update . . .

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If you're just joining us, I am Arthur P. Monster, otherwise known as Stress-Monster. When we left Ginger, she was losing sleep and stressed out over the coming move to the West Coast. We're checking in with her now.

SM: Ginger, how are things? Any improvements on any fronts, job or otherwise?
Ginger (eye twitching): Do you know your acronym can also mean "sado-masochism"? (giggles queerly) I've got legs.
SM: Ooookay. (clears throat) So, how's that not-sleeping thing going? Any more nightmares?
G: Last night, I dreamt I was assisting A in torturing a suspect in terrorism, a petite Russian woman. I was just supposed to be there for show, as he needed me for a "good cop/bad cop" scenario. Then, I was at college with the guy who plays Lucky Luciano in Boardwalk Empire. *I wish I was kidding about this, but I really did dream about this last night.
SM: Sounds terrifying.
G: It was bizarre, okay? (starts humming and tapping foot)
SM: Moving on, then. (shuffling notes) Any job offers?
G: I think I shall move out there directly into a cardboard box. The weather is nice. I'll need a bike to carry the box on, and I will have my home with me, always. (goes back to humming, this time, the Marseillaise)
SM: Sure. That could be . . . interesting.
G: What? You have something against refrigerators? Are you a member of the Communist Party???
SM: What? No, I--
G: NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! (gets up abruptly and goes into the kitchen, to peel the skin off grapes and rearrange the silverware)

Well, there you have it. I'm certainly no medical professional, but I'd say the stress is getting to her. If something doesn't break soon, especially on the job front, she'll be talking to the walls and licking her boots in no time.

G:(calling from the kitchen) The livingroom wall is called Jerry!

Oh, dear.

This is the Stress-Monster, signing off.

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