Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good(ish) News . . .

. . . Or, at least better than most of the news lately.

Coming off of the whole "work finding out about my move early" debacle, I was pretty excited to get a phone call from a company I had applied to for what proceeded to be a very pleasant hour-long interview. It seemed to go well, until, of course, I had to tell her when I arrive in Los Angeles. I hope, crossing fingers and toes and holding breath and wishing REEEEAAL hard, that I will still be in the running even after they interview the local candidates. Luckily, they are not based in LA, so they will be doing phone interviews first with everyone.  Yay, equal footing! But, after that, the best candidates will go into the LA office to test. Booooo! I did say I'd be available to fly down there and test in mid-December, and dagnabit I will if I'm one of the final cabdidates. But, I'm worried that my being so far away will lose me the chance entirely.

Everybody send good thoughts my way, and cross your fingers!


TMCPhoto said...

fingers crossed and good thoughts sent your way.

Anonymous said...

fingers and toes crossed for you!