Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monster Checks In . . .

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Yes, folks, it's another Monday morning in the city, one week closer to January 7th, 2011. This is Arthur P. Monster, your very own Stress-Monster, reporting.

It seems only yesterday that Ginger made the decision to move 2000 miles. And now the date is rapidly approaching. Let's see if she has any updates:


She seems to be turning slowly in a circle and trying to catch the "bright lights" above her head.

All right. We'll check in later.

Clearly, the stress of not yet having a job is taking its toll. But, let's look at some positives:

-She recently had a good phone interview. She has not heard anything back from the company regarding next steps (and is unlikely to), but she remains hopeful.

-She had a tolerable lead on an apartment, and a very pleasant discussion with the manager of the building. The unit she was interested in will not be available for her, but she is still optimistic that another unit in the building might open up before January.

-Lots of friends have put out lots of feelers for her. No returns yet, but good news could happen any day.

Yes, despite setbacks regarding her current job and budget, Ginger remains ever-hopeful that the next three weeks (gulp!) will see outstanding news in the job department.

This is Arthur P. Monster, resident Stress-Monster, reporting.

Now, I need to go and move her before she wears a groove in the floor.

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