Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nagusamemasu . . .

Yes, that is a boat on top of a building.

For days now, the internet has been alive with images and videos of the terrible devastation in Japan. On Friday, in case you somehow missed it, Japan experienced an earthquake that was an 8.9 on the richter scale, and then was swamped by a powerful tsunami. There are thousands dead, most from the tsunami; there are so many bodies that the cremation facilities throughout the country (cremation being the general norm) cannot cope with the sheer numbers. Every relief organization is out there trying to help, but it is coming slowly, and many are still without the basic necessities like clean drinking water, food, and a place to sleep.

It feels like there isn't much we can do from so far away, but there is:

American Red Cross: Though the Japanese Red cross is out there, this disaster is on a scale larger than they can manage. Giving to the Disaster Relief Fund will help them out there.

GlobalGiving: Another organization that has established a fund to help relief efforts.

International Medical Corps: Already mobilzed and helping in the worst-hit areas.

Save the Children: Supports children and families that have been effected by this disaster.

There are dozens of other reputable organizations out there trying to help as well. Please consider giving to one of them. Imagine if this was your block:

We need to do all we can.

Nagusamemasu: To give (solace).

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