Monday, April 11, 2011

A Place in the Sun . . .

So, this weekend saw several advances in my little world; none earth-shattering, but still exciting for me. My tax return came through, which means two things:
1. I can get a car to replace my ailing Serenity, so she can retire to that nice farm.
2. I can take care of a few small things around the apartment.

I'll be car shopping the weekend of the 23-24th, so I'm sure I'll blog more about that then. It promises to be an interesting experience.

As for the apartment: I now have a chair, which means that when people come over, they no longer have to stand around awkwardly. Yay! I'll be slipcovering it just as soon as I narrow the fabric choices down from about eleventy-billion. I also have a kitchen garbage can with a lid now, which disappoints Viola, as climbing into the garbage is one of her favorite pasttimes. I made a shower curtain and a kitchen curtain from some stuff I had lying around, and fabric is on the way for my living room curtains. I'm also close to having what I need to make my new bedding, so I won't look so much like a sad college student with no coverlet;)

I know these don't seem like momentous things, but for me, they're little steps towards making my place a home, the first home that's ever really been mine. It feels pretty nice;)

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